How do we get started? Are there workshops? Can our teachers get trained? Can citizens acquire skills to coach youth?

Young changemakers benefit from 4 inspirational types of humans.

1) Role models. That is young and adult hero*ines, via media and in person.

2) Teachers that provide content and activities that inspire “to do stuff”. Such teachers exist everywhere. What they need is role model stories and outer school partners (e.g. sports clubs, music schools), in our case  project partners, coaches and LearnSpace hosts. And they need strong partners in-house, which is the emerging the Changemaker Student Club.

3) Practical Coaches that teach know-how on things that make life and the world better, “stuff that makes life more awesome”, such as vegan chefs, bee-keepers, permaculture farmers, nature guides. These people exist in every region and are precious partners for teachers – to invite to school, and to pay viits to. In the best case, these Practical Coaches are accessible for young people to connect with outside school hours. Some will even have Learnspaces or ParticipationSpaces. Many of them would like to work with youth and schools, but lack connectivity. We map them, and we work with them to grow awareness of their value for youth, for teachers, and how to improve their offers, for example with holiday offers and badges of value for CVs.

4) Youth Leadership Coaches that help youth start and evolve projects, and are accessible on demand. This is the form of coaches that the young generation urgently needs more of. Ordinary citizens – also teachers – can play this role and acquire the necessary skills. 

We seek to nurture awareness of such coaches, to facilitate access to them, globally online and in your regional community, and to provide training for adults to acquire the mindset, know-how and relations to function as Role Model, Teacher, Practical Coach and Youth Leadership aligned with their lifestyle, casually, non-formally or formally.

What makes an ideal Coach?

Who supports youth that want to do big projects for people and planet? Are there any in your town?

The ideal Coach

knows that youth can do grand things that impact thousands of lives, and achieve what adults fail to achieve; seeing this greatness is key to making youth feel their greatness

is accessible in mornings when youth are at school; for presentations or video-meetings with school classes

can give orientation on solutions, where to find help, and can connect with global experts and project partners

It is not just any expert, since many are not good educators, do not like youth or people in general. It is experts that love kids and to pass on their love for their craft for the good of people and planet to them. It is those that have magical stories to share and invite youth to experience their realm, also beyond opening hours and behind the scenes. In short, it is the EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE TEACHER type of person.

A Youth Leadership Coach

supports on demand

is accessible after school hours, in evenings, on week-ends and during holiday periods; this is when most of change-making activities take place (like in sport, music or gaming)

is accessible for emergency late night video-meets; because urgent things need to get dealth with

If this sounds unusual, it is because Youth Leadership Coaches are not ordinary NGO employees. Their priority is positive change. When youth call at night for a hug, to ask urgent questions for next day’s speech, they love it! Because their favorite sport and passion is to help youth on fire to do good. they have been hoping for such youth requests for all their life. They have changemaker spirit – like today’s hero*ines.

Examples of Practical Coaches

Siarah, archaic living

Siarah travels Germany on horseback with a goat at her side – as an initiation into adulthood.

Zeynep, sevengardens

Zeynep is sevengardens dialoger (the global UNESCO-recognized network of dyeing gardens) sourcing colors from plants for arts, cosmetics, play, education, therapy, fashion.

Michaela, Kalima Design

Michaela runs a Fair Fashion business with traditional farmers, dyers, stampmakers and tailors in India, and offers student clubs to take part, make own designs and more.

Carina Hilgers, traveller

Carina is a trained sports teacher travelling the world for free using hitchhiking and work and travel. Her life is proof that people are better and the world safer than media make people believe.

Suley Man, traditional and modern metal work

Suleyman is a skateboarder trained in the traditional craft of metalwork. He enjoys making tea pots as much as Star Wars motifs.

Neira, nature tour guide

Neira guides tours in Western, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and loves sharing her passion for nature with youth, also as a self-trained profession.

Abbie, Spend More Time In The Wild

As early teen, Abbie made films on nature from a youth perspective. Today, she is a youtuber reporting on her hikes crisscrossing Britain.

Red Brigade Trust crew

These child and teenage rape survivors have trained 30,000 girls in self-defense against sexual assault. They are well respected in the community and trusted of authorities.

These will have given you many ideas of Practical Coaches in your region. 

Add them to our LearnPlanet Map to make them visible, findable and accessible to caring youth, parents, educators and changemakers. You can contact these and many more Coaches via our Competence Partners.

Examples of where to find Youth Leadership Coaching

Do teenagers spending time with them soon after make news headlines? This is the benchmark that makes a Youth Leadership Coach, since it is all about projects with high impact on lives and land. And such youth-led activities make news. Always. This form of coaching is new for Berlin and Europe. It may only take one encounter. That is the idea. It is Youth Leadership, after all. Here is a variety of different examples from parts of the world where high impact project-oriented youth leadership is already established.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts involve girls in camping and canoeing, in social and ecological service learning programs, and self-posed challenges to gain badges.

Available locally, in troops.

Roots & Shoots, by Jane Goodall

R & S offers programs for children and youth to detect problems and potentials in their communities, take local and global action. Resources for download, a global community of educators and mentors.

As youth, to get coached.
As teacher, to learn to be a coach.
In local groups, also online, globally.

Wild Gift

Wild Gift offers youth with vision to launch projects a stipend for a week-long nature hike in company of fellow youth and coaches.

A week-long intensive. Available onsite.

Youth Leading the World, by OzGreen

YLTW is a highly participatory program that provides young people with skills to tackle sustainability challenges and empowers them to take solution focused action, improve their environment and equips them to become leaders of positive change. To date, OzGREEN has trained over 1000 facilitators reaching 100 regions and 25000 youth.

Local and online trainings.


YL offers a wide scope of resources, project partners, speakers, community and coaching for youth, teachers and citizens.

Local group trainings for youth and students

Self- / guided action program for youth age 8 to 18, with badges

Local group trainings for adults, aligned with their profession, e.g. teachers, journalists, councillors, public librarians …

Self- / guided online training as YL Coach with certificate and global coaches community

In Berlin, in Europe and globally online.