Project: Global SDG School Challenge

We wish to see entire schools Live the SDGs in Action, involving their community and citizenry, like their teen hero*ine peers do; and with them.

[In partnership with YOUTH-LEADER]

The Global SDG School Challenge challenges schools to take action on each of the 17 SDGs, with tangible impact on lives and land, based on their students’ choice from 200 missions pioneered by outstanding teenage and adult changemakers, with a few more additional essential activities, such as exhibit, club, crash course, documentation that support the Challenge’s success.


This challenge

  1. enriches learning culture
  2. changes lives, land, learning, possibly also laws and industries
  3. initiates partnerships with project partners and coaches
  4. generates many experiences of individual and common agency
  5. establishes a strong Changemaker Student Club at school
  6. activates adult supporters, partners and friends to take part in living ESD and SDGs in action
  7. thereby creating an enabling environment for youth leadership
  8. throughout school community, city and region
  9. setting extraordinary example for other schools in city and country to follow
  10. qualifies students and teachers to share their learning experience as speakers, mentors and partners


Missions, media sets, project partners and coaches are provided by the global YOUTH-LEADER network.

Role of Students and Teachers

The Challenge is predominantly student-powered soft, non-formal holistic curriculum that unites all subjects, classes, years, also teachers, parents and partners in a common quest with many swift, exciting, impactful activities, drawing on skills, funds, in-kind support and more accessible and untapped in any community of citizens.

Teachers’ role is to inspire, encourage, support and oversee progress

  • by including role model stories in subjects
  • by encouraging students to take action on their favorite causes
  • by providing space and time for a Changemaker Student Club Headquarter that also serves as Learnspace
  • by helping students manage a Challenge Tracker on activities, goals and progress
  • by organizing extracurricular activities aligned with their passion

They can gain training, coaching skills and get accompanied by YL Coaches as part of a global community.

Role of Parents, Citizens and Partners

The Challenge’s missions and positive news style documentation by a youth team formed for this purpose serve to connect with the citizenry via flyers, school newsletter, public activities, social and news media coverage.

Parents and citizens are called to live their values, roles and take part with

  • donations
  • funds
  • in-kind support
  • spaces, skills, time …

for greater reach and impact.