Learnspaces are en vogue for giving young people real-world examples of what they study in subjects. Bringing the Education Landscape (Bildungslandschaft) to life gains much attention, but is yet largely unachieved.

Young changemakers and Changemaker Student Clubs show us what teenage youth are capable of and what they love doing.

“When we asked for opportunties to volunteer, we were told to come back when we are old enough.” Feeling belittled and outraged over the loss of potential for a world in need, 12 year old Jake and Simone Bernstein reponded by founding Volunteen Nation, an online platform for early teens to find thousands of opportunities in all fifty states of the USA.

Critical assessments show that in most initiatives for Education Landscapes students are guided by teachers to spaces where they are to listen to lecturers, administrators or practitioners. Students are still treated as passive listeners and viewers. They are not involved in activities, and if so, it is only for exercise, but not in activities that manifest results of relevance to society.

An example of relevant results is an edible school garden that produces edible legumes used in the school canteen. This is not what students are involved in at learnspaces they visit. In fact, youth find very few such opportunities in society. Their creative activities with ‘quality impact’ are limited to sports or music, the impact of which is intangible, fleeting and irrelevant for people and planet.

This leads us to asking the question

Where in town can youth get together, learn solutions for people and planet, and plan and realize projects that change lives and land near and far?

Nowhere? Without such spaces, there cannot be an active citizenry, and no relevant comprehensive positive change in society.

This led us to look more closely at learnspaces and to distinguish between three forms of learnspace.

1. Youth Leadership LearnSpaces

where young people can find inspiration, learn of solutions, contribute to and participate in initiatives, and get together to plan and realize projects. 

We can imagine this somewhat similar to a co-working hub but non-formally like teenage hero*ines do.

It is a combination of many activities practiced by young changemakers like you have seen in Youth Leadership examples.

2. Participation-Places

where young people can actively participate to relevant degree.

Relevant means that it is not for getting a feel of it, such as ‘caressing a goat’, but they contribute to shaping the space and its manifest products for people and planet. They can take responsible roles in raising the goats, make goat cheese and sell it on the farmers market.

This is not child labour. It means acquiring life skills, keeping traditional heritage alive, and maybe raising FUNds for families, people or a project (partner) in need.

3. Learnspaces

where young people (and grown-ups) can learn about things. This can be National Parks, historic sights, windmills, permaculture farms etc.

While also industrial steelmill ruins have value as learnspace on our societal past, they have limited or no value at all to enabling young people to evoke positive changes for people and planet.

Hence, we focus on learnspaces that have concrete value for creating a world of peace, joy and abundance. Not the farmer, but the organic farmer that puts no additional poisons into soil and water, that restores soils, replenishes water through agroforestry – and might invite Participation.

We seek to nurture awareness and vision for creating such spaces, and to assist in creating them, and to map them to bring together their purpose-driven creators, passionate young people, as well as caring educators, parents and citizens.

LearnSpaces for Youth Leadership

Our main focus is on spaces where children and youth can get together to get inspired, learn solutions, plan and realize projects; the space is open to supportive adults.


This form of LearnSpace is pioneered by our Competence Partner YOUTH-LEADER.

Ideal Spaces

are intersections with the public, like public libraries or community centres, that add-on a Learnspace, non-formal, youth-powered, even temporary, with win-win benefits 

Host Coach/es

Staff, with competence in Youth Leadership Essentials, knowledge of stakeholders, public status, access to media, city, local, regional and global partners

Uplifting Ambience

This space is not boring, dim or dull. It radiates light, beauty, vitality, with natural elements, music and youthful spirit

Hero*ines Poster Exhibit

The role models set frame, spirit and intention, like saints and tenis legends in cathedrals and Wimbledon

XXL Ambience Posters

XXL posters add a sense of beauty, fun, magic and adventure

A Youth Team

Youth from Changemaker Student Clubs at the district’s schools making it their outer school Headquarter are the driving force, equipped with many resources and relations

Practical Coaches

Adults teaching skills and know-how to make life and the world better from city and region run workshops and Learnspaces users visit them in their home spaces


Youth, staff, parents, citizens, Practical Coaches, student clubs, teachers, journalists, councillors, project partners etc. become caring, collaborative community of friends

Local Map

Mapping local crews, coaches, clubs, spaces, problems and potentials helps build vision, community, momentum, to find and get found, and it is a tool to quickly involve people

Vivid Documentation

Docu of activities in positive news style creates publicity, community, boosts reach and impact; on social and news media, photo wall, a local magazine or radio show

Examples of Activities, all common sense

Exhibits and tours

for school classes, families, citizens …

Philanthro-Parties, FUNdraisers, book drives ...

Simple activities to involve the community and generate big impact together

Crash Course

Presentations and workshops for school classes with immediate action opportunities


Practical introduction to diverse activities for positive change

Photo Wall

Vivid depiction of activities to inform, inspire and give a sense of community and progress

Practical Coaches

Professionals that teach practical skills that make life and the world better

Positive News Media

Local YL Magazine issue, radio show …

Week-end programs

Youth-led workshops

Holiday programs

Youth-led multi-day and multi-week programs


Like-minded people with passion and willingness to make contributions for positive change

Nature excursions

Hikes, guided tours and micro expeditions by youth teams, for groups, for under-priviledged youth

Project Partners

Changemakers to team up with, reach milestones, shape the future of regions, pay visits


We map spaces where teenage youth can make relevant contributions “to running the show”.

We seek to learn from these Good Practices, share their model and story with others, inform people of their existence, to pay visits and – participate.

Such spaces are likely to have Practical Coaches that teach skills to make life and the world better.