Central aspects of RCE-Berlin’s methodology comprise

  • Inspiration through role models

Initiatives and “hero*ines” that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries in remarkable ways, often from their personal initiative, self-organized, “youth-, student- or people-powered”, also without institutional structure or funding, which makes such Good Practice examples especially precious and replicable for youth, school and ordinary citizens.

  • Access to Coaches

… via the RCE office, an interactive map, Competence Partners and publications, to get helpful tips for the realization of initiatives, which often requires only minutes, often in person from hero*ines themselves. Further, Coaches that convey practical skills and know-how that enriche daily life.

  • Access to Project Partners

… in particular Social Entrepreneurs with high impact initiatives in low income regions. With them, schools, youth and citizen groups can swiftly make experiences of agency, impact, activation of local community, citizenry and diverse stakeholders, animate people to take part and thereby initiate multi-faceted follow-up activities. 

These Project Partners also offer options for project-oriented school travel, youth exchange and volunteer visits.

  • Visualizing Learn- and ParticipationSpaces

… where people shape the world, where one can meet Coaches, learn in vivid ways, actively participate and contribute, from where one leaves freshly inspired with a feeling of empowerment, of new, concrete competences, new heartwarming acquaintances and friends, a sense of purpose and new meaningful goals. 

  • Communication and networking platform

An open map-based database, globally accessible wth low threshold of participation. We collaborate with other RCEs to realize this important tool.

  • Workshops for personal exchange

Exchange of ideas, publications, partnerships and projects across all borders takes place among our Competence Partners.

This is the idea that more anbd more people subscribe and contribute to. Some is simple, much is yet challenging, what matters is to get started … now !