Project Partners

Start with flying banners, join grand ventures, impact thousands of lives!

Teaming up with real hero*ines helps schools and beginners get started with verve, inspiring vision, concrete steps and rapid results.


Red Brigade Trust

These young abuse and rape survivors have self-trained in martial arts and traind over 30,000 girls in self-defense, changed laws and the taboo that women are not to use violence. Their dream is to build an academy, with youth leadership centre and international relations. What an exciting milestone to work towards! They also plan for a European Tour.will you be one of the host cities?

Namaste Nepal

This student company teams up for a Himalayan village’s development through building kindergarten, schools, greenhouses, planting new crops, afforesting, paying teacher salaries, organizing health camps and paying an annual work visit. Several schools have joined their venture, each with their own signature in learning, fundraising and involving the citizenry.

Permaculture Paradise Institute

In no more than a year, Luwayo and Grace have turned what was sold to them cheap as “a dry piece of land good for nothing” into an abundant food forest. While much of the population in the world’s “5th poorest country” suffers three Hunger Months, PPI lives in abundance with over 90 crops, training farmers, gifting seeds … and changing the common image of farmlife being hard, poor and boring into living the young family dream of one’s Little House in The Prairie. It is an extremely precious example of Africa, and one can help train more farmers to restore well-being in their villages.

Youth Leadership Centre, rural South Africa

80% unemployment, high crime rate, political unrest, trauma of decades under a racist Apartheit regime, sixty students in class, little vocational training … young people see no perspectives and climate change is creeping in. “It is my dream to see Youth leadership in my country. I am convinced that we can create a good future for our people, together,” says Skhumbuzo Dlamini, traditional dance coach and community organizer, who wishes to bring his community centre to life by activating all Youth Leadership Essentials with local and global partnerships, exchanges and youth-led tourism.

Students can help reach significant milestones in these ventures. Quick visible results are highly important for motivation and for experience of one’s individual and collective agency. This kind of partnerships gives the rare experience of impacting thousands of lives, with long-term ripple effects, shaping the future of an entire regionA major reason is that strong currencies have 10-fold value in the hands of high impact changemakers in low income regions. For the fundraising part, Role Models and Coaches help put the FUN into fundraising. Further, such remarkable success stories and progress news help involve school, citizens and city, spark video meetings, family travel, volunteer visits, youth exchanges and more.

Here is what makes the experience of working with Project Partners highly attractive for student clubs, youth and citizen groups. 

No long, hard preparation

… to find a trustworthy able partner, plan, know-how or resources but you can start with flying banners from day one.

True hero*ines with high impact initiatives

Proven, able, trustworthy. Rolling initiative, not depending on you, your contributions are bonuses.


Exciting story to inspire peers, citizenry, and get media on board

This may be the most important tool.

Grand milestones

These top off the story and they are what truly gets citizens engaged by the rapid tangible impact they make. These steps “must be taken.”

See success unfold in-real time

These people vividly document on social media in casual authentic form. This newsflow inspires, stengthens a bond, enables contribution, sharing, inspiring others.

Multiplex options for contributions

As social entrepreneurs, independent of strict funding programs, your partners are flexible to respond to ideas and opportunities.


A highly inspiring encounter to Q&A, hear anecdotes, share tales, celebrate common achievements, plan what’s next … building friendly bonds.


Become part of the story

As you contribute and help achieve milestones you truly become part of the story.

Bring in own ideas

Only you know of your growing supportive community’s resources and relations. You may surprise your partner and help reach new unexpected heights.

Pay visits

This kind of Project Partner welcomes visits, as class, as family, as volunteer, even as coach to teach something.

The examples above are not organizations with funded programs, and therefore tied into narrowly defined activities for years. They are individuals or groups with the spirit of social entrepreneurs that operate entirely sovereign and independent, collaborate with partners across the entire societal spectrum, are highly creative and open and able to respond to ideas, occasions and opportunities brought in by their global friends, supporters and partners. Their mind- and skillset open up new, fruitful opportunities for project- and impact-oriented schools, youth and citizen groups.