We invite you to take part in advancing Youth Leadership in your city, country and in Europe.

Quick Projects

Participation is simple, swift and can help many stakeholders in your city, country and internationally.


  • on youth leadership
  • on LearnSpaces
  • on outstanding student projects
  • on teen hero*ines’ learning journey

in your region and country

Seed a Story Set of Teen Hero*ines

with your staff, friends, students, in the community, harvest feedback, observe responses and potential follow-up actions. Share the results with us and neatlessly follow up with other projects if you like

Map LearnSpaces and Participation-Places

on our LearnSpaces Map to promote as good practice examples and partners for schools, youth, families, citizens and practitioners

Teen Hero*ine Interviews

on their learning journeys and breakthroughs

Advanced activities 

Global SDG School Challenge

A holistic action program to take action on all 17 SDGs based on teen and adult changemakers’ model solutions, and with them, to activate the entire school and greater community and establish Changemaker Student Club powered change and an ecosystem of partners in schools, town and region

Pan-European School Collaboration for SDG Action

Team up West- and East European schools like it was common for peace dialog during Cold War times, but now for multifaceted action for SDGs, non-/formal encounters via exchanges, family travel and more.

Tip: combine with SDG Challenge, Mapping LearnSpaces and Participation-Places, Pilot Regions

Pilot Regions

Test the 5 Essentials in your region. Spread Hero*ine Role Model stories, spark Changemaker Student Clubs etc. using resources, relations and observe how it goes.