Our focus: Youth Leadership

All over Earth, people are inspired by young changemakers, and wish youth at their schools, in their towns and region become able, active and succeed in changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries for the better like their peers.

 We help start and cultivate youth leadership and we accompany your journey to success.

Youth Leadership

“Training for young people to self-organize projects that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries” has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years, with rich benefits for learning culture, for living ESD and SDGs in action, and for youth, parents, citizens and stakeholders for living their values and achieving their professional aspirations.

Role Models

80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously. Like it is for all mammals. This is great for wolf pups with perfect hero parents, but dramatic for youth growing upo in failing unsustainable societies with no high impact changemakers in their neighborhood, schools or media; role mdoels also function via media, since the brain does not make a big difference between 2- and 3D realities. Role models are also our strongest asset in phases of Transformational Learning, such as job changes, parenting, or stepping up as changemaker in one’s community. 

Young changemakers’ examples help youth affirm their virtuous feelings, convictions and goals to protect what they love and create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. They also equip adults to bring global issues and active citizenship to life, and to inspire and involve their audiences.

Changemaker Student Clubs

School is where all young people meet daily and, according to Education Law §1 The Purpose Of Schooling, shall learn to develop academic talent and their skills as Able Active Caring Citizens co-creating a libertarian-democratic society that is peaceful and sustainable, constantly evolving in a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations. As the example of youth leadership at more than sixteen thousand schools in North America shows, self-organized Changemaker Student Clubs doing projects for people and planet with local and global expert partners beyond the school fence and beyond school hours are the best emodiment of this learning culture, its best drivers, the best role models and mentor to their peers. This can be perfectly combined with compulsory volunteering hours, curricula with embedded service-learning (such as Frei-Day), with UN Days, project days and weeks, year-projects, gifted student trainings, (social) entrepreneur clubs, student companies, international school partnerships, project-oriented youth exchanges, badges, certificates and more. 


Able, caring people that inspire youth leadership, accompany projects, teach practical skills and provide support on demand.
Does youth leadership exist in your town? Where do we fnd such people? How can one learn to become one?

Project Partners

Teaming up with real hero*ines to support their initiatives and reach next milestones helps schools and beginners get started with verce, inspiring vision, concrete steps and rapid results. It can nurture a sense of agency and the profound experience of one’s power to shape the future of entire regions. Where do we find such partners? What new opportunities arise for involving our school, company or city, for travel and youth exchanges?


Where can youth gather, learn solutions, and plan and realize projects?
Without such spaces, there cannot be an active citizenry. How do we best set them up with effect on our town and region?

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