Project: Breakthrough Stories –┬áInterviews with teenage changemakers

We wish to hear of your country’s young hero*ines how they succeeded.

[With Gayle Kimball, academic researcher on youth and civic engagement, and Youth-Leader Magazine]

We seek to learn from young changemakers about the steps of their success journey.

  • In what setting did they grow up? Did they experience Youth Leadership Essentials?
  • What allies, occasions, encounters and moments define milestones on their journey?
  • What obstacles did they encounter? How did they overcome or walk around them?
  • What support would they have appreciated? Where do they find it today?
  • What makes an enabling environment to them? Which have they evolved over the years?
  • What were most touching moments?
  • What’s next and how can people help?
  • and more

for sharing with the RCE Berlin community, with the RCE network, for publication in Gayle Kimball’s books and Youth-Leader Magazine.