We are in the process of developing an RCE for advancement of ESD, LFS and SDGs in Berlin with focus on non-formal and informal learning
for enabling youth leadership to self-organize high impact projects and
live ESD and SDGs in action
 in local and global partnerships. 

Responsibility is not a bad thing. Children love challenges, but when expectations are low, trust me, we will sink to them.

– Adora Svitak, TED Talk, age 12,

RCE Berlin is inspired by the holistic vision of learning and living ESD and SDGs in action promoted by the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)

We provide guidance, resources and partnerships to create an enabling environment for youth and adults to self-organize diverse year-round activities with impact on lives and land, also in places that are entirely new to youth leadership, autonomous student clubs and peer-2-peer learning.


has set up a school garden, sent 100 seed libraries to 100 community spaces, planted edible alleys in her neighborhood + more

Namaste Nepal

 annually raise $40,000€ with 48h sponsor runs to develop Gati village in the Himalaya + pay visits + involve other schools