Youth Leadership Essentials.

Youth Leadership – “training for young people to self-organize projects that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries” – has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years, with rich benefits for learning culture, for living ESD and SDGs in action, and for youth, parents, citizens and stakeholders for living their values and achieving their professional aspirations.

Here are 5 ESSENTIAL Building Blocks to spark High Impact Youth Leadership that lead to, build up and amplify another. They can get used in combination.


has raised 500,000 good books for remote aboriginal community schools with high suicide rates, involving citizens nationwide


has teams at 16,000 schools uniting teachers and student clubs in creating a good world for all through service-learning

#1 Role Models

80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously.

This also works via media. Role models are also our strongest asset in phases of Transformational Learning. 

#2 Changemaker Student Clubs

School is where all young people meet daily for ten years in a well equipped safe space, with support on demand and good public status. A perfect headquarter for young changemakers.

#3 Project Partners

Start with flying banners, join grand ventures, impact thousands of lives!

Teaming up with real hero*ines helps schools and beginners get started with verve, inspiring vision, concrete steps and rapid results.

#4 LearnSpaces

Where in town can youth get together, learn solutions for people and planet, and plan and realize projects that change lives and land near and far?

#5 Coaches

How do we get started?

What kind of adults help young people take heart, unfold their skills and turn their love for people and planet into action? Where can we find them? Can adults acquire such skills in order to serve their region’s young generation?